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Toruk: The First Flight Cirque du Soleil at Wells Fargo Center, Philly March 8th 2017, Preview

by EJ on 03/08/17

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We are super psyched about our invitation to tonight's Toruk performance at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. Toruk; The First Flight, written and directed by internationally acclaimed duo Michel Lemieux and Victor Pilon, was inspired by the world of James Cameron's Avatar. This Cirque du Soleil event promises to be a visually stunning, storytelling odyssey. Set thousands of years prior to the film,  the Na'vi people, culture and setting of moon Pandora will come to life using a combination of cutting-edge visuals, multimedia, puppets, makeup, costumes and stagecraft.

To celebrate Toruk: The First Flight coming to Philadelphia, we've got an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the incredible makeup, costumes, choreography and set design used for the show.

The Makeup & Costumes of Toruk: The First Flight

Award-winning Costume and Makeup Director Kym Barrett took on the world of Pandora. Cirque du Soleil developed a three-layer make-up technique that allows performers to preserve their make-up throughout an entire performance despite perspiration. Costumes of the Na'vi people were designed to look hand-forged, organic and natural using materials that include seeds, vines, leaves, bones, etc. All the elaborate elements and each tiny little detail in makeup and costumes required painstaking patience, precision and imagination to create.

 Choreography and Set Design of Toruk: The First Flight

Lead choreographers Tuan Le and Tan Loc experimented with various self-defense and communication techniques for the Na'vi people using props and movement. Artists and choreographers worked together to come up with just the right mixture of stagecraft to invoke imagination and discovery. 

Set design of Toruk: The First Flight includes five main areas: Hometree, the Island, the Green Belt, the Dream Catcher and the two Lateral Screens.  

BUY TICKETS to Toruk: The First Flight

Cirque du Soleil shows strive to be an odyssey for the senses and Toruk promises to take that mission to the limit. Back by popular demand, you can see Toruk: The First Flight tonight at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia.

Purchase Toruk tickets here:

Disclaimer: Four Little Monsters Blog was given a behind-the-scenes look at Toruk: The First Flight and admission to the show in exchange for promotion. All opinions belong to the blogger. Photos are the property of Kym Barrett and were used with permission.

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1. Amy said on 3/10/17 - 02:42PM
This show was amazing!

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