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Tonguespank Spice Co., Liquor & Heat Spices, Review

by EJ on 01/30/14

I'm a serious fan of spicy food - as in the "Dang, that's way too hot and I can hardly breath... BUT I love it so" kind. This week, I had a little fun with some spices that Tonguespank Spice Co. sent over for me to try.

Before I even dreamed up dinner, I admired the snappy labels and spiffy fonts, then took in the aroma of both bottles. The duo they sent, part of their Liquor and Heat collection, are called Smoky Bourbon and Garlic Grappa. They're not ground super fine, which I love, and each bottle contains a good 2 ounces.

Smoky Bourbon: Our Smoky Bourbon blend adds just the right amount of smoky burn, and the depth of complexity of a good bourbon. Use it like hot sauce! Sprinkle on eggs, pizza, baked potatoes, chili, steaks, burgers, pork chops, barbecue, ribs, etc. 

Garlic Grappa: Mm... garlic! Our Garlic Grappa blend is like opening the door of an Italian kitchen. Sprinkle liberally on pizza, pasta and seafood. Add it to olive oil and dip your bread in it. Or skip the extra step and ad it to buttered bread: instant garlic bread!

The first, Smoky Bourbon, threw quite a hit to the nostrils so I knew I would really enjoy it on food. The smokiness was very evident in the aroma. First, I put a little on my tongue and BOOM - yeah, wasn't going to be able to share it with the children. I did, however, make my husband try it straight out of the bottle and he walked away red-faced muttering, "Oh my god, Oh my god!" I love when that happens! The Smoky Bourbon contains: Chipotles, habaneros, Bhut Jolokia chilies, garlic onion, black pepper, sea salt and bourbon.

At first glance, I thought that perhaps I could get away with sprinkling some Garlic Grappa into dinner - which I very excitedly did - and sprinkled pretty heavily over onions on a skillet in oil, which I blended with asparagus. I also seasoned pork chops with it in the same meal, which added some nice color as well as flavor. This one really did have a bite to it, but nothing my kids couldn't handle. In fact, they gobbled it up and had seconds, with the help of some dipping sauce to mute some of the "spank". My husband didn't much care for this one, but what does he know? The Garlic Grappa contains: Rosemary, oregano, basil, marjoram, thyme, habaneros, sea salt, balsamic vinegar, grappa. I'm constantly cooking with basil and balsamic vinegar so I just loved this blend. I'm sure I'll have used it all before the week is out.

Tonguespank specializes "in making boring food exciting! Come get your tongue spanked..."

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Disclosure: Four Little Monsters received samples of Tonguespank Table Blend Spices for the purpose of this review. All opinions belong to the blogger.

Comments (4)

1. Sarah Hughes said on 1/30/14 - 06:08PM
Ok I am a spice WIMP!!! However my husband is totally a hot spicy lover so I will send this his way!! THANKS!
2. Jeanine @MommyEntourage said on 1/30/14 - 06:14PM
I am a fan of spice so I will have to check them out!
3. Dana said on 1/31/14 - 09:13AM
My husband is the same way. I love spicey food and these look delicious! I'd add it to pizza, pizza is great with a kick!
4. Carrie Higgins said on 1/31/14 - 07:23PM
Thankfully both my husband and I love spicy food, and now I HAVE to get my hands on Tonguespank for the name alone!

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