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Vanity Planet Tame Damp Dry Flat Iron, Promo Code & Review

by EJ on 04/20/16

Between running my business and running five kids to-and-fro every day, I rarely find time to pamper myself. Let's face it, I can't style my hair every single day. However, when I've got quality hair care products at home, I don't have to go far for a little me time when needed. Thanks to Vanity Planet, many of my favorite beauty products are always at my fingertips. Right now I'm obsessing over my new Vanity Planet Tame Damp Dry Flat Iron and I'm excited to share this product with Four Little Monsters readers. 

I'll start by saying that my hair is normally a crazy mess. While I'm super thankful for a head of thick, fast-growing, long tresses, my hair routine gets old fast. I'm talking so thick it's hard-to-brush hair, waves here but not there hair, explosion of knots every morning hair. I get this fabulous-ness from my mother's side of the family. If I don't visit the salon every two or three months, it's that much more unmanageable. Knowing this, I still don't get to the salon often enough. With such craziness going on on top of my head and so much craziness going on in my life, I need hair care products at home that I can rely on. 

Vanity Planet sent me their Tame Damp Dry Flat Iron, which uses specifically designed technology to straighten my hair with a perfectly styled look. The built-in Ion Generator keeps my hair frizz-free. Floating Titanium Tourmaline plates create extra shine and softening, while venting through the top of the iron (awesome for damp hair) to keep my hair healthy. The Tame Flat Iron works on damp or dry hair and straightens and curls, whichever you choose, with adjustable temperatures of 150 F to 450 F. The Tame Flat Iron includes an Auto Shut-Off which kicks in after sixty minutes and has a comfortable, rubberized, smooth coating for an easy grip. 

My favorite feature is the adjustable temperature and the wide range of heat. Sometimes my hair does not want to cooperate but the ability to raise the heat on these unruly waves solves that problem fast. There's also a super cool 360 degree swivel cord which makes moving while I style a complete breeze. The Tame Flat Iron gets hot fast, so there's no awful waiting when I'm short on time. When it's time to put the Vanity Planet Damp Dry Flat Iron away, it's got a convenient Handle Lock Mechanism, which keeps the product compact when stored and protects those titanium plates when not in use. This is such a solid product and very sturdy. It doesn't feel loose or fragile in the slightest. When so many products aren't made to last, I'm confident so far that I'll be holding on to this Flat Iron for a while.

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Disclaimer: Four Little Monsters is a Brand Ambassador for Vanity Planet and receives compensation and products in exchange for promotion. All opinions are honest and belong to the blogger.

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Posted by Four Little Monsters on Wednesday, April 20, 2016

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