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Sweet Peas In A Pod, Pea Pod Jewelry by Kelli O, Mother's Day, Review & Giveaway

by EJ on 04/08/14

If you're looking for something truly spectacular for Mom this year, then look no further than Sweet Peas In A Pod, jewelry by Kelli O. Totally forget the huge chain jewelry stores and support this small business with amazing craftsmanship and charm. I instantly fell in love with these stunning pea pod necklaces on Facebook and couldn't wait to share them with my Four Little Monsters community.

As a proud Mom of five, I couldn't wait to own one of these Pea Pod necklaces. They're the perfect mixture of elegant and cute. I'm going to treasure mine forever.

I received two versions of the Pea Pod necklace, one in alternating pink and green (for my order of girls and boys) and a second in their birth stone colors. Both came on a sturdy sterling silver 18'' chain. Kelli was fabulous to work with when deciding on the designs for both necklaces and super communicative. There were so many samples to browse on the Sweet Peas In A Pod facebook page. When I asked for alternating pink and green pearls and a specific charm to go with my necklace, Kelli accommodated my requests immediately.

Pricing is incredibly awesome, too. Sweet pea necklaces start at $16 with one pea included. Each additional pea is $2 and additional charms are $2.50. Shipping is $4, USA.

Pea Pod necklaces by Sweet Peas In A Pod can hold up to seven peas and if more are needed (after all, there are plenty of us Moms of many out there), then you can do more than one pea pod on one chain.

If you're looking for something other than a necklace, you can also order them as earrings, key chains, pins and bracelets. Colors are pretty limitless for the peas themselves, although I prefer the opalescent look of the pearls, myself. If you're looking for birthstones, Kelli offers genuine birth stone peas as well.

At the moment, there isn't a traditional website for online ordering but you can easily message Kelli via email or on the company facebook page for a quick response. However, Kelli is looking to expand and offer her jewelry on a traditional website so let's help spread the word! Visit her Kickstarter campaign HERE and support her company's growth. You can also help spread the word by sharing this post, sharing on facebook and entering the giveaway below! 

Enter to WIN a custom Pea Pod Necklace by Sweet Peas In A Pod

That's right! We've partnered with Sweet Peas In A Pod to give away a custom Pea Pod necklace of your custom combo of colors or birthstones -- just in time for Mother's Day! Enter using the Rafflecopter below, good luck and Happy Mother's Day!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Comments (27)

1. Sarah Hughes said on 4/8/14 - 04:22PM
I like the silver and green!!
2. Barbara w/ Homeroom At Home said on 4/8/14 - 05:15PM
Silver and green... although hard to decide w/ such beautiful combinations.
3. caitlin said on 4/8/14 - 05:16PM
blue zircon for my daughter
4. Life with Kaishon said on 4/9/14 - 06:37AM
These are very sweet. I love the concept : ).
5. Mindy DeLisi said on 4/9/14 - 06:39AM
I would get my kids birthstones. Aug, Jan, and June
6. Danielle S. said on 4/9/14 - 06:39AM
The green and pink are adorable but I have all boys so I'd go with blue or green
7. Jill Thomas said on 4/9/14 - 06:43AM
Love the pink and green. So pretty!
8. Lindsey said on 4/9/14 - 04:28PM
I love the all green one!
9. Kelly Moran said on 4/9/14 - 06:05PM
Silver and green :)
10. Carrie Curry said on 4/9/14 - 08:16PM
I would do 2 greens and a pink! Pink for my girl :)
11. amanda c said on 4/11/14 - 03:53PM
Birthstone colors- garnet and sapphire for my babies
12. Taryn T. said on 4/12/14 - 03:54PM
I think the original necklace and design- the green and silver- is stunning, and the three peas are exactly what I need!
13. Melissa Douglass said on 4/12/14 - 10:32PM
I would like to have my mom's grand kids birth stone colors!!
14. Rod Jackson said on 4/13/14 - 12:13PM
I like the silver and green
15. Jennifer Finn said on 4/13/14 - 07:59PM
i would have to go with all green too cute
16. Lee Mckoen said on 4/13/14 - 10:14PM
I love the silver and green , all lovely
17. Jody Arbogast said on 4/14/14 - 05:26PM
I would love Green & Silver
18. Elaine Isaacs said on 4/14/14 - 06:48PM
I would not care what color you sent I just think there all so beautiful. Thank you for the chance Elaine
19. Tori Comeaux said on 4/15/14 - 06:18PM
I would most likely stick with the green and silver with 2 little peas in a pod for my boys!
20. jen peak said on 4/15/14 - 08:21PM
I would do either green or pearl peas in silver
21. Jane said on 4/16/14 - 01:21PM
These are soo cute! Would love to win one. Very creative!
22. Summer Atkinson said on 4/17/14 - 06:45AM
I love the silver and green.
23. Elicia P said on 4/17/14 - 01:23PM
I love the green and silver
24. Jennifer Brawley said on 4/17/14 - 09:19PM
I like the silver and green!
25. liz l said on 4/20/14 - 06:57PM
white, red, blue, and yellow
26. Margaret Maggie Porter said on 4/21/14 - 06:52PM
silver and green
27. Sarah C said on 4/21/14 - 06:58PM
Blue and green :)

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