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Half Moon Portable Soccer Goals by Rukket Sports, Delaware Sports Equipment Company, Review

by EJ on 07/19/16

It's Soccer Summer Camp week here at the Four Little Monsters household. We've been back and forth to soccer camp each night and this particular kiddo is having a blast on the field. We're super fortunate to have such an incredible local soccer league for our community's youngest kiddos to learn the sport. Since it's Soccer Summer Camp week, it's the perfect time to brag about a fabulous sports equipment company we just discovered, located right here in Delaware.  

Rukket Sports, Delaware Sports Equipment Company Provides Soccer, Golf, Softball/Baseball and Lacrosse Products

Rukket Sports, based in
Wilmington, Delaware, sent us their six foot Half Moon Soccer Goal Set, a portable pair of soccer goals that makes soccer set-up instant for the yard, park or beach. These come in three sizes: 2.5, 4 and 6 feet. We went with the 6 foot goals since our kids' league uses big goals. Plus, the adults want to play, too! This large size is absolutely fantastic for a family that wants to play soccer together. The colors are Rukket's trademark black and red netting with a hi-visibility reflective perimeter border.

Check out the Half Moon Soccer Goal Set on Amazon:

The included yellow stakes keep the Half Moon Soccer Goals very secure on the ground. In fact, our new goals survived an unexpected storm earlier this week and remained exactly where we left them in the yard thanks to those stakes. There are no sharp corners, the entire length of the goal is smooth and kid-friendly. I especially like the sleek, rounded shape of the soccer goals; it's a great look.

Given the size of the portable soccer goals, we were impressed with the easy, folding storage capability. You just twist the soccer goal in the center and fold both sides against each other so that the goal lays flat at about half its size, then store the set in the included carrying-case. We did have to get a handle on twisting it on top of itself correctly a few times but once we figured that out, it was quick to collapse and put away. The tear-drop shaped carrying case includes straps so you can easily transport it to any destination. Everything is lightweight as well, so that definitely helps the portable factor.

The monsters are really looking forward to taking their new Half Moon Soccer Goal Set to the park and the beach. I'm sure Rukket Sports' Half Moon Soccer Goals will be a huge hit at the beach throughout the summer. There's always a ton of kids at our surf meet-ups and some soccer in the sand will definitely keep them entertained when they're not in the water. 

Visit Rukket Sports at http://www.Rukket.com
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