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Paleopalooza 2013 at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University, Review

by EJ on 02/23/13

Every President's Day weekend, the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University throws Paleopalooza, a celebration of all things paleontology. This museum is famously known as The Dinosaur Museum, after all. After last year's excellent celebration, we could not wait to go back. Kids, families, fossil hunters and scientists that dig dinosaurs unite from near and far and Four Little Monsters was there again this year to share in the fun.

Paleopalooza was packed with activities, shows, live animals and a ton of dinosaur fossils. We saw everything from full-bodied dinosaur mounts in Dinosaur Hall, real fossilized dino footprints, to dinosaur poop and hugely intimidating dino teeth and claw replicas. Dinosaur Hall, home to over thirty Mesozoic dinosaur species skeletons, the most dominating of which seems to be the 42 foot long Tyrannosaurus rex who stands at the front of the hall.

When some of the dinosaur skeleton mounts were first going up years and years ago, the swimming dinosaur that "floats" above the lobby desk had his head put on the wrong end (considered correct at the time). Later on, they discovered that his neck was actually his tail and they had to have it corrected. My girls thought that was hilarious.

We brought my brother, an avid fossil collector, along for this museum adventure. He was of course, in heaven, when we found ourselves surrounded by every kind of fossil for sale you could possibly imagine. He couldn't bring himself to buy anything as he prefers to hunt for his own fossils. He did circle the room a good dozen times, though. There were truly some magnificently beautiful fossils in those collections.

We explored the museum, met with fossil hunters and viewed a huge life-sized chalk drawing of a Hadrosaurus foulkii by paleo-illustrator Jason Poole. This drawing, right alongside the skeletal mount, was absolutely stunning. We watched a time-lapse video of how the chalk drawing was created over a day's time.

Later in the day, we visited our friends from Field Station: Dinosaur as they put on a highly entertaining show called "What Color Is Your Dinosaur?" This show had everything from live music, a dinosaur beauty pageant to a dino dance party.

These guys from Field Station: Dinosaurs are always my favorite. They're always a hit with the kids, too.

Kids from the audience called out facts they knew about the T-Rex and the Field Station: Dinosaurs musician worked them into a song on his guitar. Kids were up out of their chairs, spinning and dancing.

After the show, my girls and I met a baby dinosaur just the size of our baby Izzy.

Once again, we had a blast at Paleopalooza and we went home with great memories of a great day of learning and fun.

Four Little Monsters received admission to Paleopalooza at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University for the purpose of this review. All opinions belong to the blogger.

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