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Monster Weekend Blog Hop: Week 1

by EJ on 08/03/12

Welcome to the very first Monster Weekend Blog Hop, hosted by EJ of Four Little Monsters. If you're a blogger hungry for new followers and friends, you're in the right place. Let's build a monster online presence together! The Monster Weekend Blog Hop welcomes all Mom & Dad bloggers, travel bloggers, food bloggers and other family-friendly blogs.

I'm keeping things simple this week to get the hop up and running. I'd like to have co-hosts in the future. Please write to to express your interest.

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Basic Rules for the Monster Weekend Blog Hop

1. You don't have to post the Monster Weekend Blog Hop button on your website but I'll send one of my little monsters to bite your head off if you don't. However, you can appease the monsters in other ways like copying and pasting the link for this post into your blog's social networking page to invite your blogger friends. Just spread the word to keep the monsters happy.

2. Link up your blog URL, your Twitter page, your Facebook page. Be sure to specify what you are linking if it's not your blog. Example: "Four Little Monsters (on Facebook)".

3. Visit at least three blogs and comment, follow, like away! Be sure to tell them that you're visiting via the Monster Weekend Blog Hop. You must follow the host, Four Little Monsters on either Facebook or Twitter. Leave me a comment so I can follow you back!

Comments (5)

1. Tulip said on 8/3/12 - 12:04PM
Hello! Found you on MBC. I liked you on facebook and I can't wait to see the fun posts you have here. Going to Hop around. Hope to see you at True Aim. Thanks for hosting!
2. Brandi from MamaTeaches said on 8/3/12 - 04:21PM
Thanks so much for hosting a great weekend hop!
3. andi said on 8/3/12 - 04:31PM
Hi - returning the love - you had written on my CouponBlessingsNow Facebook page wall.... :D
4. Camille said on 8/3/12 - 05:18PM
Thanks for hosting :)
5. sherlinda said on 8/4/12 - 06:50AM
Hi! Thanks for visiting and for inviting me to your hop! :) I goofed...I was watch Serena win the Tennis match and entered the wrong name on a link. So it appears twice. I understand if you delete one. I didn't mean to create work for you. -Awesome Tennis match! :D

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