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Bowers Beach Buccaneer Bash Pirate Festival of Delaware, Memorial Day Weekend Event

by EJ on 05/25/17

Summertime in Delaware means it's time to dress up like a pirate with your fellow Buccaneers. We're not kidding, either! Delawareans are very proud of their rich maritime history, privateers very much included. This upcoming Memorial Day weekend marks the annual Bowers Beach Buccaneer Bash. When getting into character, these pirates aren't messing around. Families and visitors can interact with realistic pirates at their impressive pirate encampment, watch sword fighting demonstrations, see a blacksmith in action, see brewing demonstrations, glassblowing, woodworking and seventeenth century cooking.

Buccaneer Bash promises fun for families on land and sea.

The fun for families doesn't end with the pirate-friendly demonstrations; kids can also enjoy face painting and a sand art station at the Delaware Face Painting tent, try out an obstacle course, participate in a pirate costume contest, take a cruise on the Captain's Lady and so much more across the festival grounds. Lewes, Delaware's Pirate Pete and parody-entertainer Grinchspeare will interact with guests. 

Families can sit down to a picnic with treats from food trucks, enjoy live music, period and modern vendors. Musical performers include The Brigands and Pirates for Sail.

Bowers Beach Maritime Museum also opens this Memorial Day Weekend so be sure to stop in and give them your best Aaaargh (and a donation).

Delaware's History with Pirates and Privateers

The state of Delaware, with it's rich maritime history, can trace it's first encounter with pirates back to the year of 1685, then a part of Pennsylvania. Pirates and Privateers reads, "The earliest appearance of pirates off the coast of Delaware, of which we have any definite knowledge was about 1685, but for the first two years they were not aggressive, and satisfied themselves with occasional sallies, accompanied by no great damage. In 1687, however, they suddenly became bolder and more audacious, and their hostile exhibitions were so frequent and devastating as to demand the attention of the government in England." The encounters continued and you can read more HERE.

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