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Benefits of Family Memberships to Favorite Museums and Attractions

by EJ on 06/27/16

When you've got a big family, the expense of going places can really add up. For our family of seven, a single trip to the zoo or aquarium can easily cost over one hundred bucks or more. At that rate,  trying to entertain seven people over summer months sounds impossible. That's why we plan ahead and arm ourselves with memberships to our favorite museums and attractions. We've found that buying the family membership often costs just as much, maybe a bit more as a single visit for our tribe and sometimes, even a little less. That's not always the case but if you want to visit three or four or more times a year, it's definitely worth it to go the membership route. Of course, dishing out around a hundred dollars or more for a membership to here and there isn't cheap either, but we've found it takes a village to raise our little village and when birthdays and holidays come around and the relatives start asking, "What does so and so want?" we can suggest a family membership to a favorite attraction that we'll be able to enjoy all year long. It teaches the kiddos to value experiences over things, too, which is a plus. Think ahead come tax return time and grab up some memberships then as well.

The Perks of A Family Membership to Museums & Attractions
  • For a big family, an annual Family Membership may cost just as much as paying per person for one single visit.
  • You can visit your favorite attraction all year long, and never pay admission until your membership runs out.
  • Some memberships offer free gifts and free passes for additional guests.
  • Memberships often offer discounts for special events, free admission to special events, discounts at the gift shop, discounts to other similar attractions.
  • Many Family Memberships participate in programs that get you into other similar attractions for free or discounted for the duration of your membership.
  • Once you become a member of a certain attraction, you'll often receive discounts on membership renewals when the time comes. 
  • Members receive invites to members-only or member appreciation days.
  • Members may receive discounts on birthday party packages.
Mix Up Your Memberships So You're Always Doing Something New
  • A membership to an outdoor garden attraction like Longwood Gardens is great for a beautiful day while a museum membership is great for a rainy day. There are lots of indoor and outdoor options when it comes to family-friendly attractions.
  • Use your membership when new exhibits open and visit for family fun days. 
  • Find out if your membership to one museum gets you into other museums. For instance, a membership to the Delaware Natural History Museum participates in ASTC Passport Program, which gives members free or reduced admission to over 350+ Science-Technology centers across the country and the world. This comes in handy when we travel and are looking for new museums to visit. 
What is your favorite family-friendly attraction to visit? How much does it cost to visit one time? Have you looked into an annual family membership? Let us know in the comments!

It costs a ton to go anywhere with five kids! Consider the benefits of Family Memberships to Favorite Museums &...

— Four Little Monsters (@4LilMonsterBlog) June 27, 2016

It costs a ton to go anywhere with five kids! Consider the benefits of Family Memberships to Favorite Museums &...

Posted by Four Little Monsters on Monday, June 27, 2016

Comments (4)

1. Amy Brooks said on 6/28/16 - 09:10PM
I love how when I have a membership somewhere, it motivates to get out and go more often!
2. Jeanine @MommyEntourage said on 6/28/16 - 09:17PM
Growing up my family always had memberships to the zoo. Such a great experience!!
3. LaNeshe said on 6/28/16 - 10:07PM
I'm always wondering how many times we'll ACTUALLY go. I need to take the plunge after I've tried things out.
4. Julia said on 6/29/16 - 07:53AM
We have season passes to a local amusement park, it forces me to go and now that we have it for the second year I'm loving it.

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