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AzzamArt Wizard Wand Review by Four Little Monsters

by EJ on 07/16/11

I decided we're going to have a Harry Potter marathon this weekend because oddly enough (and this is out of character for me) I have not seen any of the Harry Potter movies from beginning to end - not one. I've seen snippets when they're on TV and flipping through, but I've never watched a Harry Potter movie in full. I'm more of a Lord of the Rings girl. Twilight, not so much. I tried to get into Twilight but after the second movie, I felt pretty dumb. I even read the books - yuck. However, I'm hearing a lot of good things about the final chapter to the Harry Potter films and well, I don't like to be left out when something good's going on.

All this Harry Potter talk coincides perfectly with today's review of handmade wizard wands by AzzamArt. These gorgeous wands are super cool and I just had to have one for KM, who's obsessed with all things magic (She's convinced that I have magic powers and that if I just tried hard enough, could make a box of Squinkies appear. Apparently, I'm holding out on her. This all started back when I "magically" made a candy cane appear at Christmas when I told her to look the other way, LOL). Anyway, AzzamArt is a one-woman operation out of Baltimore, Maryland and her online store can be found at using the link above (she's also a talented water-colorist as well).

KM's wizard wand is light purple and light blue with silver accents. It's absolutely gorgeous and made the perfect addition to her fairy tale/fairy/princess shelves. I encourage you to visit her site and purchase wizard wands for your own little guys and gals. Hint: They make great accessories to take along to the Harry Potter movie! They would also make really unique gifts! If you've got little, little kids then I recommend keeping them out of reach as the wands really are works of art. Each one is completely different. KM is very careful with her beautiful wizard wand and treats it well, whereas I don't trust my other three younger monsters to even breathe on it - so I keep it on KM's shelf most of the time unless the lil' monsters are sleeping and the wand is out of harm's way.

In her own words, AzzamArt owner Elliot Azzam explained how her wizard wands came about: "I was watching my kids play with the neighbors one afternoon. Having recently polished off the entire Harry Potter book series, my oldest had infected the younger kids with Wizard Mania. They had all picked up twigs from the back yard and were dashing around casting spells on each other. My first thought was, oh isn't it adorable how they use their imaginations like that. What wonderful, inventive children followed immediately by, I wonder how I can turn this into a complex and time-consuming challenge for myself. Because that's how I roll. So I looked around at what I had on hand, spoke with a friend who does a lot of paper mache, consulted Mr. Google, and found a few interesting ideas — and jumped in with both feet. They are primarily tightly-rolled paper mache, reinforced with bamboo skewers, and embellished with hot glue, paint, sometimes gem and glitter and other Things I Find Around The House. Which could be almost anything; I have an interesting house. Since the initial prototypes, I have been selling them on my etsy store and at arts festivals locally. It always makes me chuckle to see a flock of young wizardlets (or fairies) dashing about, flicking their wands and inventing new magical games".

Four Little Monsters' gives AzzamArt wizard wands a big smooch of approval  - we LOVE them! When you visit her Etsy shop, tell her Four Little Monsters sent you!

Buy It: Each wizard wand is only $15! These wizard wands truly are works of art and I encourage you to check out AzzamArt.

Four Little Monsters received one wizard wand from AzzamArt for review. All opinions are my own.


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